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Nasal Wash
Alkalol<br> Nasal Wash
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A unique solution for sinus relief

Alkalol is a unique blend of natural ingredients developed over 100 years ago as a nasal wash and mucus solvent. Today it still provides drug-free relief from nasal congestion and irritation caused by sinusitis, allergies, colds and post-nasal drip. And it helps dissolve mucus and clear blocked nasal passages.
Alkalol is a scientifically balanced solution that includes purified water, a unique blend of alkaline and saline salts, and a refreshing mix of natural extracts and essential oils, including menthol, eucalyptol, thymol, camphor, benzoin, wintergreen, spearmint, pine, and cinnamon.

Alkalol is specially formulated to clean and moisturize the nasal passages, dissolve mucus, kill germs and bacteria, and provide daily drug-free relief from the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies. Preservative free and hypertonic (the type of saline recommended in many recent medical studies), Alkalol's original formula helps provide soothing relief from a variety of common nose and throat maladies.

Unlike most other nasal irrigation products, Alkalol contains no glycerine, iodine, antihistamine or other chemicals that irritate and damage tender mucous membranes in the nasal passages. Instead, since it was originally formulated in 1896, Alkalol has been made with soothing natural ingredients, including eucalyptol, thymol, menthol, camphor, and oils of wintergreen, spearmint, pine and cinnamon. Physicians recommend Alkalol because these ingredients provide soothing relief and won't dry or damage the mucosal membranes.

In addition, Alkalol is the only commercially available solution which can be used safely as a nasal irrigant, oral rinse and throat gargle. Alkalol is a cost-effective alternative to using multiple products for different purposes.

Nasal Wash:
Use in an Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup to help cleanse and clear blocked nasal passages and provide relief from the symptoms of sinusitis, allergies, head colds, post-nasal drip, and respiratory problems caused by mold, pollen, dust, pollution, and other allergens.

Throat/Mouth Treatment:
Use as a soothing gargle, oral rinse, or throat spray. Alkalol's cooling formula helps provide relief for sore and dry throats, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mouth sores, and throat irritation caused by allergies and post-nasal drip.

Mouth Sores:
Mucositis and stomatitis, or redness and swelling in the mouth and throat, can be caused by chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. Sometimes these conditions also lead to mouth sores or ulcers. As a "mucolytic agent", Alkalol will help soften and dislodge dried secretions on the mucosal surface, most especially the palate. Rinsing with Alkalol makes the mouth more alkaline and reduces the growth of bacteria and dried secretions that have attached to the mouth, thereby bringing soothing and comfort to the user.

Other Uses:
Physicians have recommended Alkalol for patients with chronic middle ear infections. For these patients, applying warm Alkalol with a soft rubber ear syringe has been effective in helping to clear up pus discharges and softening wax secretions, and as a satisfactory deodorant.

Alkalol has also been effective in treating common insect bites, sunburn and minor burns.

How do I use Alkalol?

For nasal irrigation, the Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup is a simple and safe method to deliver ALKALOL into the nasal passages. The Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup is specially designed with a vertical nozzle to operate most effectively with the head tilted slightly forward and sideways. Please see directions on the Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup package for details.

Alkalol may also be used with the Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal / Sinus System. Dr. Murray Grossan, a leading ear, nose, and throat specialist, recommends adding Alkalol to the saline solution of the Hydro Pulse for better mucus effect.

To treat throat complications or mouth sores, Alkalol can be used as a throat gargle or oral rinse.

Alkalol may also be applied directly to the skin using clean cotton or gauze to treat minor skin irritations.

Alkalol is available in 16 oz. bottles and is recommended for use with the Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup.

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Price per item unit: GBP19.95

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