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Thayers Mouth Spray
Citrus Flavour
Thayers Mouth Spray<br>Citrus Flavour
GBP9.95 per item unit

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Item unavailable due to EU Herbal Medicinal Products legislation

As a legally available and effective alternative, we highly recommend the
Clarity Throat Spray range of natural, organic throat relief. Please click here to view the range.

Thayers Dry Mouth Sprays are the first natural sugar-free saliva stimulant and saliva substitute products.

Many performers 'dry up' from nerves before going on stage, this spray provides the ideal solution to the problem and and avoids the temptation to drink too much fluid before going on stage.

These Dry Mouth Sprays also relieve dry mouth caused by medications, stress, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, ageing, smoking, xerostomia, Sjogren's Syndrome, and Lupus.

This spray comes in a pleasant citrus flavour and is sugar free.

Spray in your mouth as needed. Safe to use as often as needed.Safe to swallow.

Purified water (gently moisturizes the mucous membranes in the mouth), Glycerine (soothing demulcent that aids in the retention of moisture), Tris-Amino (buffers saliva to nomral levels), Potassium Chloride (matches the salt in the human saliva), Citric Acid (derived from citrus fruit for tartness), Citrus Flavor (natural lemon/orange flavor to stimulate saliva flow).

Citrus - 4floz Bottle - Up to 360 sprays per bottle

Minimum Order Quantity: 1


Price per item unit: GBP9.95

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