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Liquid Callus Formula
Rock-Tips<br> Liquid Callus Formula
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Fingertip Protection For Musicians

Rock-Tips helps build calluses in addition to protecting sore and damaged fingertips.

Rock-Tips is a specially formulated, non-toxic application for use in protecting sensitive fingertips while playing a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument. When applied to your fingertips, Rock-Tips creates a thin, protective membrane that is extremely tough, allowing you to play longer and build your natural guitar calluses up faster.

Rock-Tips is a new approach to the age-old problem of dealing with painful fingertips while developing calluses for beginning musicians. In addition, Rock-Tips can repair torn or damaged calluses in more experienced players, as well as protect fingertip calluses from moisture and other damaging elements.

A safe new alternative to using toxic glue on your fingertips! Household glues are messy, brittle and unforgiving.

In the past, many musicians have relied on strong glues and liquid bandages to help relieve fingertip pain, all with less than perfect results. Household glue is very brittle and unforgiving, while liquid bandages gum up instrument strings and wear off quickly.

Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Formula is based around a medical adhesive, which is designed specifically for use on human skin. With additional polymers added for flexibility and strength, our proprietary formula acts and feels like a hardened layer of skin ? with all the flexibility and toughness of a real callus. Rock-Tips will stay on even during the most grueling sessions, and scrubs off with soap and water.

Benefits of Rock-Tips
Relieves fingertip pain associated with playing a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument.
Rebuilds and repairs damaged, peeling or torn fingertip calluses and prevents blisters from forming.
Protects fingertips from moisture, cracked skin and other damaging elements.
Helps build natural calluses faster by allowing you to play for longer periods of time.
Long lasting and tough ? a typical application of Rock-Tips will stay on your fingertips for 1-2 days of active playing, and a single 4 ml bottle contains over 150 applications ? about 2 month?s worth if you use it every day.
Completely transparent and unobtrusive ? doesn?t impede the feeling of the strings on your fingers.
Safe and easy to use ? non-toxic, quick curing formula will wash off with soap and warm water.
Useful for all levels of musicians, from beginner to professional.
How Rock-Tips Works

Rock-Tips protects your fingertips with an extra layer of ?skin?, except this layer is very tough, much like the hardness of a real callus. It?s also thin and flexible, which allows you to still feel the strings and play your instrument naturally.

A small application of transparent, quick-curing Rock-Tips on your fingertips allows you to play for longer periods at a time without the pain, which in turn will help you build up your natural guitar calluses much faster.

Rock-Tips can also be used to help quickly build back calluses that have been torn off or damaged, and to protect existing calluses from moisture and other elements.

What's in Rock-Tips?

Rock-Tips is formulated around a non-toxic yet very powerful medical adhesive. We?ve added additional polymers for strength and flexibility, which gives Rock-Tips  it?s ?skin-like? feel ? like a real callus.

How do you apply Rock-Tips?

Rock-Tips comes with a handy brush applicator ? You simply brush on a light coat over your fingertips, and wait for about a minute for it to dry to the touch. You can then start playing your instrument. Rock-Tips was made thin and strong to accommodate all types of fingertips, so you may find you need more than 1 coat ? If you need to add another coat, just brush on more and wait another minute ? you will definitely notice the difference between 1 and 2 coats.

Is Rock-Tips safe for anyone?

Yes, Rock-Tips is safe when used sensibly. It?s made with a powerful medical adhesive, which is currently used in hospitals for post-surgical sutures. While it?s non-toxic and safe to use on your skin, you obviously don?t want to get it in your eyes or drink it. If you happen to glue your fingers (or some other body part) together, use soap and warm water and gently peel it off.

Can Rock-Tips be used on cuts?

Even though the primary ingredient in Rock-Tips is used in hospitals for surgical sutures, we can only sell it as a topical application (we?re not doctors, in other words), to be used on unbroken skin only. So don?t use Rock-Tips on cuts or open wounds. However, if your calluses are torn or damaged, Rock-Tips is great for repairing them and building them back up quickly.

Will Rock-Tips prevent my natural calluses from forming?

No, just the opposite. Rock-Tips enhances callus growth because it keeps out moisture, which makes calluses soft and peel off. And because you?re able to play your instrument longer without the pain by using Rock-Tips, your natural calluses will start to form much faster.

How many applications does a bottle of Rock-Tips contain?

Each 4 ml bottle of Rock-Tips contains around 150 individual applications. If you use it every day it will last you roughly 2 months.

How long will Rock-Tips stay on my fingertips?

Rock-Tips is made to be tough and withstand the rigors of guitar playing on the fingertips, so you don?t have to worry about it falling off. It will start to naturally wear away after a day or two, depending on how much you?re playing. If you need to get it off immediately, use soap and warm water and gently scrub off.

Will using Rock-Tips affect the tone of my instrument?

Since Rock-Tips acts as a hardened layer of skin, there are going to be some tonal differences in your instrument than when you play with your bare fingertips. By using Rock-Tips your strings will ring out much clearer because there is no soft skin to deaden the tone. In addition you will be able to slide up and down the neck easier, with a lot less resistance from the strings.


"I do 476 shows a year with Cirque du Soleil. That doesn?t include playing and jamming 2 to 3 nights a week after the shows with my musician friends here in Las Vegas. Due to all that playing, I have pretty hefty calluses on my fingers. But due to the extreme dryness of the weather here in Las Vegas, skin cracks under the fingernails. Particularly on the ring finger. Our keyboard player has been plagued by cracking skin on his fingers for years. Rock-Tips seals cracks and protects the skin so we can play as hard as we can pain free. Having performed nearly 9000 consecutive shows over 19 years without missing one, sore fingertips has never made me miss a show, but with Rock-Tips, I?ll be able to play pain free."  - Bruce Rickerd, Cirque du Soleil

1 x 4ml bottle with applicator brush lid

Minimum Order Quantity: 1


Price per item unit: GBP13.95

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