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Sanitising Spray (x12)
Microphome<br>Sanitising Spray (x12)
GBP135.95 per item unit

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Kills 99.9% of germs, yet is safe for all microphone surfaces.

Microphome is a new mic cleaning foam designed to safely disinfect exterior mic surfaces but is safe for inner mic electronics. This fast drying, antimicrobial formula is alcohol and residue free.

One bottle sanitizes your mic for over 100 cleanings.

Its effectiveness lies in its alcohol-free formula and foam aeration system. The antimicrobial cleaning fluid is pumped in a measured dose of gently aerated foam that clings to the external microphone surface, never touching the internal electronics, and completely dissipates within two minutes.

"In my years as a musician, I've had to use a lot of mics that - well, who knows what might be living on there from the previous users?" said founder and CEO Tommy McCoy.

"That's what inspired me to develop Microphome - to keep artists healthy and mics safe to share. It's also easy to use, so it can be part of your routine maintenance."

To use Microphome, just squirt one dose of the foam onto a lint-free cloth or the palm of your hand and rub it onto the microphone's grille. After about two minutes, the fast-drying foam evaporates, leaving the mic disinfected, deodorized, and safe, so the artist can sing with confidence.

Microphome's unique formula is great for renewing neglected microphones too. The product helps remove debris while eliminating odors from smoke resins, stale beer, cosmetics, bad breath, and other hazards that normally accumulate over time.

Multiple Uses for:

Recording Artists
On-Air Talent and News Anchors
Fitness Instructors
Coach Headsets
Public Speakers
Sales Reps/Presenters
Radio Talent
Anyone in Live Theater...and much more

Microphome is also an essential product for ensuring safe, clean Karaoke microphones.

Spread the word - not germs!

12 x 50ml Microphome solution bottle

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Price per item unit: GBP135.95

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