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Clear Voice Honey Lemon Spray
Clear Voice Honey Lemon Spray
GBP11.95 per item unit

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Item unavailable due to EU Herbal Medicinal Products legislation

As a legally available and effective alternative, we highly recommend the
Clarity Throat Spray range of natural, organic throat relief. Please click here to view the range.

Clear Voice Honey Lemon spray is rapidly becoming the 'must have' product for those who depend on their voice to be powerful and clear. Whether you are a performer or spend your days in the lecture hall, Clear Voice offers relief from fatigue, dry and scratchy throat and helps soothe vocal cords when you are under the weather.

How it works: a blend of herbs provide relief from the stress your voice is subjected to. Marjoram and Osha have long been used by singers and speakers for their soothing qualities. Aloe Vera is used topically to relieve inflammation and promote healing. Tylophora opens the airways and is so powerful that it is used in herbal asthma formulas.

The unique, alcohol-free combination is preserved in a base of vegetable Glycerin. With Clear Voice, your satisfaction and performance is guaranteed.

Honey Lemon - 1fl.oz Bottle - Up to 80 sprays per bottle

Minimum Order Quantity: 1


Price per item unit: GBP11.95

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