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Sabine MT9000
Sabine MT9000<br>MetroTune
GBP29.95 per item unit

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An indispensable tool for all musicians.

The new MT9000 MetroTune combines three of your most important music accessories into one compact package.

Sabine's superior tuner technology is now available in a large format LCD, giving you a very accurate simulated needle display along with our three-color LED tuning display.

Sabine's famous wood-block sounding metronome now has a continuous volume control and comes with three modes: standard, accented downbeat, and five useful rhythm figures (duplet, triplet, etc.).

The tone generator is perfect for ear training or as another tuning aid. All the best tuning and timing technology, all at the best price. Only from Sabine.

Three Products in One:

Chromatic AutoTuner
Advanced Metronome
Tone Generator

MT9000 MetroTune:

Slim, compact design, just 4" wide
Wide-screen LCD display
All settings stored in memory on power-off
Built-in folding stand
Batteries: Two AAA included FREE!
Sabine 2-year Warranty
W=3.95", H=2.5", D=0.73" (10 cm x 6.3 cm x 1.8 cm)

MT9000 MetroTune Display Screens

1. Tuner

Chromatic, Automatic
LCD with simulated needle display, +/- 50 centsl
Three-color LED displayl
Manual recalibration, 430 to 449 Hz
Mic for acoustic tuningl
?? input for instrument tuning
Big note indicatorl
7-octave tuning range (A0 to B7)
Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes with no signal

2. Metronome

Loud, wood block tone
Volume control
Sweeping pendulum LCD & 2-color LED display
Earphone output
Tempo: 40 to 216 beats per minute
Accented downbeats: 1 to 7 beats per measure
Rhythm figures:

3. Reference Tone Generator

Perfect for tuning and ear training
Volume control
4-octave range (A2 to C6)
Calibration: 430 to 449 Hz


MT9000 Operating Guide (.pdf 148Kb)

Hi-Resolution product image (.zip 2.62Mb)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1


Price per item unit: GBP29.95

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