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Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray
Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray
GBP12.95 per item unit

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Victoria Silva Rated: 5
Voice defender!
I recently started work as a vocal coach at two new colleges alongside my private tuition which meant singing and lecturing 5 days a week, sometimes over an 8 hour period, with up to twenty students in a class. After the first week I thought I'd have to give it up, despite marshalling all my vocal technique to get me through, Saturday morning my voice was rough and tired and I was worried I'd lose my voice. During the next week or so my throat was dry and my speaking voice hoarse before lunch. I felt I was cheating the class if I didn't demonstrate properly and none of this was helped by air conditioning! I ordered this spray not expecting much more than psychological relief but boy was I wrong. It's not instant, it seems to take a couple of minutes to really coat the equipment but suddenly you go, wow that's better! I've tried it with a couple of other tutors and their reaction was the same. I'm going to continue to road test the vocal care catalogue but I'd be surprised if i find anything else as effective as this. If I do I'll let you know! Vicky Silva

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Price per item unit: GBP12.95

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