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Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray
Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray
GBP10.95 per item unit

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Victoria Silva Rated: 5
Voice defender!
I recently started work as a vocal coach at two new colleges alongside my private tuition which meant singing and lecturing 5 days a week, sometimes over an 8 hour period, with up to twenty students in a class. After the first week I thought I'd have to give it up, despite marshalling all my vocal technique to get me through, Saturday morning my voice was rough and tired and I was worried I'd lose my voice. During the next week or so my throat was dry and my speaking voice hoarse before lunch. I felt I was cheating the class if I didn't demonstrate properly and none of this was helped by air conditioning! I ordered this spray not expecting much more than psychological relief but boy was I wrong. It's not instant, it seems to take a couple of minutes to really coat the equipment but suddenly you go, wow that's better! I've tried it with a couple of other tutors and their reaction was the same. I'm going to continue to road test the vocal care catalogue but I'd be surprised if i find anything else as effective as this. If I do I'll let you know! Vicky Silva

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Katy Perry Entertainers Secret

Katy Perry Interview in Heat Magazine: 29 Oct - 4 Nov 2011
Q: What are the three essential items you can?t leave home without?
A: Baby wipes, Entertainer?s Secret throat spray (it?s always dressed up in a little tuxedo) and my iPad in my Chanel case.
Entertainers Secret Throat Relief is designed to moisturize, humidify and lubricate the mucous membranes of the throat and larynx. Now with an extended nozzle. This directed spray allows for a more efficient and precise delivery to the back of the throat and vocal apparatus.

The spray resulted from a collaborative effort of KLI Corporation and a Nashville otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist), Richard Quisling, MD, whose practice includes many singers and entertainers.

When these professionals' voices are at less than their best, careers and very livelihoods are at risk. Our goal was to develop a product which could protect the vocal apparatus and restore and maintain voice quality and comfort without doing harm.

After trying various ratios of a number of different ingredients, the final formulation of the product now known as Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief evolved. Once subsequent testing found it to be safe and effective, it was registered as a medical device by the FDA in the United States.

This unique, easy to use, non-medicinal throat spray:

  • Supplements the throat's natural moisturizers
  • Quickly comforts and soothes
  • Restores vocal quality safely and effectively

    Entertainer's Secret is formulated to resemble natural secretions. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose, aloe vera gel, and glycerin – each a proxy for a naturally secreted type of mucus (globular, strand and sheet) – are blended into a buffered (via dibasic sodium phosphate), aqueous hypertonic (via potassium chloride) solution that is preserved with methyl and propyl parabens. Each ingredient has a very high safety profile.

    Unlike some other sore throat remedies, it does NOT contain numbing anesthetics, alcohol, antiseptics, analgesics, antihistamines, decongestants, anti-inflammatory agents, or any other "medicinal" ingredient that can produce unwanted side effects. The improved honey-apple flavor imparts a pleasant mellow taste.

    Spray in the back of the throat while saying "AH-H-H". For relief and irritation deep in the throat, take a quick breath inward while spraying. To insure that the upper throat is reached: tilt the head slightly backward and spray twice into each nostril while quickly inhaling. Any brief "tingling" sensation will be quickly replaced by a pleasant soothing feeling. spray liberally and repeat as often as necessary to eliminate dryness.

    Why not just drink water?
    Drinking lots of water is good, a healthy and a smart idea for many reasons. Before extended periods of vocalizing one should drink a lot of water. But the water passes through the esophagus into the digestive system and must get into the circulatory system before it can be delivered to specific dehydrated areas such as the throat or larynx. Very little ingested water comes into direct contact with these dehydrated surfaces. Plus the body's mucous-secreting glands often just can't produce enough replacement moisturizing materials quickly enough to keep up with the increased need.

    1 x 2fl.oz Bottle - Up to 160 sprays per bottle

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1


    Price per item unit: GBP10.95

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