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Handmaster Plus
(Hard strength)
Handmaster Plus<br>(Hard strength)
GBP12.95 per item unit

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Modern sEMG (surface electromyography) studies clearly illustrate that the ?hand-opening muscles? (extensors) act to stabilize the ?gripping muscles? (flexors) during all grip-related activities.

In other words, hand strength is dependent on the strength of both the flexor muscles AND the extensor muscles.

Handmaster Plus strengthens all 9 finger flexor muscles AND all 9 finger extensor muscles in one convenient exercise - no need for multiple training or rehabilitation devices.

Equalizes flexor vs. extensor muscle balance

Hand muscle imbalance leads to repetitive stress injuries (RSI?s) like carpal tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain?s Syndrome and tennis elbow. It is the most common muscle imbalance in the human body. Hand muscle imbalance affects the stability of the fingers, thumb, wrist, forearm & elbow. RSI?s are currently costing industry billions of dollars each year.

Handmaster Plus provides a complete, convenient & cost-effective program to prevent hand muscle imbalance and injury.

Maximizes blood flow for performance, wellness & rehabilitation

Always exercise all body parts through as wide of a range of motion (ROM) as is safely possible. Your body responds to wide-ROM resistive exercise by supplying improved circulation. Efficient circulation means healthy bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon and muscle.

Handmaster Plus exercises the hand through full, natural 3-dimensional ROM?s

The Science behind Handmaster Plus

Finger extensor muscles, located generally on the back of the hand, wrist & elbow, contract aggressively to support any gripping action. Because little attention has historically been placed on this stabilizing role, imbalance, performance limitation and injury have been rampant in sports, music and the workplace.

Traditional hand therapy applications included a ?rice box? application, whereby the patients immersed his or her hand in the rice and opened and closed it naturally against the resistance of the rice. Limitations to the exercise (and inconvenience) rendered the exercise nearly extinct. Handmaster Plus is a great evolvement of the basic rice box idea of natural resistance.

The Handmaster Plus has been designed for hand muscle strengthening and balance and strengthens the muscles that close and open the hand in one continuous convenient exercise.

Use the Handmaster Plus to achieve maximum strength, balance and blood flow to the hand, wrist and elbow.

Poor performance, overuse and repetition injuries occur when muscle combinations are ignored and the body is prepared improperly for specific activities. Handmaster Plus can help with injuries such as tennis & golfers elbow, as well being applicable to musicians and those involved with sports such as: Bowling, Football, Golf, Climbing, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball.

Handmaster Plus is also applicable to the workplace, particularly so for those working with computers, hairdressing, dentistry, cookery and carpentry.

Designed by a healthcare professional for daily hand therapy outpatient use in the treatment protocol of any hand, wrist and /or elbow condition, including:

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Tennis elbow
Golfer's elbow
RSIs (repetitive stress/strain injuries)
DeQuervain's syndrome
Dupuytren's contracture
Stroke and neuropathy
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Sprain / dislocation / fracture rehabilitation
Subluxation and adhesion
Circulatory concerns

Each Handmaster Plus is the professional's choice to maximize strength, speed, balance, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and range of motion, and stimulates all peripheral nerves to the hand.

Please note: this is the HARD Strength version.


Price per item unit: GBP12.95

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