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Allison Crowe - Canadian vocalist and pianist
Alison Crowe "Entertainer's Secret really gets me through. Especially when I'm touring and taking lots of planes, my voice tends to get raspy/dry/tired. ES has become absolutely essential!", says acclaimed Canadian vocalist and pianist Allison Crowe (

Having just wrapped up a concert tour of eastern Canada, the popular singer-songwriter was on her way last week to the UK for a series of concert performances. She was almost out of Entertainer's Secret spray. With no time to ship a supply from North America, Crowe and her management express delight at discovering Vocal-Care and its line of vocalist healthcare products available for shipping from Milton Keynes.

Ordering online en route from Canada, by the time Allison Crowe reached her hotel in Glasgow there was waiting for her a package from Vocal-Care containing Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief Spray and some Thayer's Lozenges.

Allison Crowe carried on, with her voice in top shape, and received standing ovations for concert performances at Glasgow's historic Ramshorn Theatre and at the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival in Durness, Scotland.

Crowe's manager tells Vocal-Care: "Finding you, what could have been a major problem became a simple solution." On her next tour of Europe - a full schedule in Spring 2008 - Allison Crowe now has confidence she can easily get what she needs to take care of her voice.

Sting - Solo artist and vocalist/bassist with The Police
Sting Sting is pictured with Thayers® Dry Mouth Spray Bottle at his side on The Police Reunion Tour.