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Used by Professional and Amateur musicians, FingerWeights increase speed, dexterity, endurance, and control for all players – all instruments. Fits comfortably on any size finger and is worn during practice and pre-performance warm-up

Crew Brew from Pro Tour Wellness New from Pro Tour Wellness products comes Crew Brew. This powdered drink Keeps musicians and their road crews hydrated, supplies high-energy and eases 'morning after' recovery

Shipping starts as soon as supplies land at our from our UK warehouse

>>Coming Autumn 2008

Vocal Eze Throat Spray Vocal Eze has been one of our best selling vocal care products since its introduction early this year

Vocal Eze is an all natural, alcohol-free throat and voice spray

Also available in 0.25fl.oz sample size

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From the USA, ChopSaver is a non-greasy, non-waxy lip balm made of 100% natural ingredients including shea butter, mango butter, vitamin E, aloe, and avocado oil

Originally created by a professional trumpet player, ChopSaver’s all-natural ingredients are terrific for the lip discomfort that often occurs when playing a wind or brass instrument

Chopsaver lip balm
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HearPhones Pro Tour Wellness - Artist Emergency Kit

Originally developed for use by performers and presenters at the 2002 Grammy Awards, this combination of all-natural products comes in its own handy bag

Contains 6 best selling products, including Vocal Eze throat Spray and Ocea's Reusable Ear Plugs.

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